This project is an interactive trailer for Trashgames' in development sci-fi puzzle game.

The main idea behind the trailer is to experiment with DirectX 11 effects and features to bring assets designed for mobile platforms up to a much higher graphical standard. The trailer also shows the kind of environments, characters and overall concepts of the game.

The trailer was completed in the first two weeks of 2013 using assets originally targeting mobile devices. By targeting DX11 enabled PCs we were are able to essentially upgrade the look of the characters automatically by using tessellation to increase the polycount and smooth out the results. Tessellation is also combined with displacement maps to create ultra detailed organic/liquid elements in the trailer, which would be unfeasible on current mobile platforms. The use of high quality depth of field, motion blur and film grain effects in DX11 allowed us to further enhance our visuals overall.

Download for Windows DX11 enabled PCs



Look Around: Mouse or Right Joystick

Zoom: Mouse wheel or Left and Right Controller Triggers

Toggle Stereo 3D: Number 3 key

Quit: Escape Key